The Search for Noah's Ark with Dr. Don Patton

Fake Affidavit from two Kurdish workers: Jan 7, 2011

Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud exposed! (NAMI)

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Indiana: "Balloq's medallion only had writing on one side? You sure about that?"
Sallah: "Positive!"
Indiana: "Balloq's staff is too long. Indiana."
Both: "They're digging in the wrong place!"




Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud

NAMI: "Made in China" Fraud Exposed

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Forged Letter from Kurdish workers

Affidavit from 2 Kurdish workers who built Parasut's movie set for NAMI was a forgery designed to entrap Randall Price and create a smoke screen away from NAMI's continued participation in Parasut's fraud. It is also quite possible that they were threatened with death unless they contradicted their original letter, if it was genuine. (7 January 2011)

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1.      A few weeks ago, Richard Bright, the director of our "Ark Search LLC Expedition" team, forwarded me an English translation of the lette, from two Kurds who helped build the NAMI "Movie site". As you know, I was escorted by another Kurdish worker to the NAMI site. In my 13 minute video, shot from the base of Mt. Ararat in Sept 2010. The identity of that Kurdish worker remains concealed. I had at that time, noted that Davut and Erkan were two additional Kurdish workers, who, for reasons of integrity, have decided to go on the record in saying that the work, that they were originally told was a movie set, is now being used as a fraud to announce the discovery of Noah's Ark. However a few days ago, these two men made a video claiming they did not write the letter.

2.      The two Turkish workers who wrote the letter have either recanted their testimony under threats or bribery or the letters were deliberate attempts at entrapping Randall Price and creating a smoke screen away from NAMI and their participation in Parasut's fraud.

3.      We don't know if the letter is genuine and threats have forced them to recant or if the letter was a fraud written and placed into the hands of Dick Bright to deceive him.

4.      If the letter really was a fraud from the beginning, then the most likely alleged perpetrator would be Parasut himself.

5.      In the poor quality "Skype type video" the two brothers (Davut and Erkan) show their real signatures are different from the signatures on the letter given to Dick Bright.

6.      In the video Davut and Erkan released, they say that "We and Parasut are brothers and we are just one family, no one can do anything between us." If you had a gun to your head you would surely say something like this. However, Davut and Erkan may be innocent victims of this fraud just as Dick Bright and Randall Price was.

7.      We note that the video footage is itself undocumented and is rather strange. It has embedded in the sound track a voice that sounds like Parasut saying, "just say we are..." Of course this itself is an obvious plant onto the sound track because the same identical sound bit is repeated several times and repeated. It appears like Parasut is setting a second trap, expecting us to say that he was dictating the words for the Davut and Erkan to say. Of course, since the words are so easy to hear, they would have been removed by NAMI who put their movie production team in to action producing the final high quality video. In other words, the words "just say we are..." are so obvious, that anyone listening to the video would immediately conclude Davut and Erkan were merely repeated words of someone else to say.

8.      All this leads us to wonder about the authenticity of the video and NAMI's continued involvement with Parasut.

9.      When NAMI produced the video for their website, why would they leave the words of some unknown man in the background saying two or three times, "just say we are..." on the final video? We find it hard to believe that if the video was indeed dictated by Parasut, that they would allow the dictator's voice to be heard. We also wonder why NAMI would leave this strange background voice in the video, being video professionals.


1.      It is important to remember that Randall Price had nothing to do with the fraud letter. It was Dick Bright who obtained the letter from original reliable sources and gave the letter to myself and Randall. When I first read the letter, I thought it was odd that the letter was never sent directly to Randall even though it was addressed to him. This is further indication that the letters were frauds designed to entrap and discredit Randall.

2.      At this point, we do not know if Davut and Erkan are innocent victims of this fraud or if they were forced to recant their testimony at gunpoint.

3.      If the letter really is a fraud, then the Ark Search LLC Expeditions team are also innocent victims. The question that needs an answer is: "Who would compose and send this fraud letter to us and why?"





Dear Randall [Price] and Friends,

My name is David and my brother's Erkan. Our goal is to reveal the truth with writing this letter to you.

We met with you when you work with Paraşüt. Me and my brother worked with Paraşüt for 4 years. He told us they would make a movie and we did film set on Mount Ağrı. We are making film set during the 4 years we worked with him, but later from television and newspapers have learned that we made Noah's Ark. After learning this, we left to work with him.

As Dogubayazit people we are very sorry to come to such game and we do not want damage to the region because of false news so we are writing you this letter.

I hope that thanks to you the truth emerges and as people of the region we are relieved.


Davut and Erkan

Translated Jan 7, 2011

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Who are NAMI?

Noah's Ark Ministries International

Video by Don Patton exposing the NAMI fraud:

(30 megs) Windows format: WMV: NAMI Fraud of 2008
(60 megs) Flash format: Flash: NAMI Fraud of 2008
(70 megs) Real Player format: Real: NAMI Fraud of 2008

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12 Minutes

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Our critique of NAMI and their response

1.      Don Patton's video exposing NAMI fraud wmv,  flash,  real Sept 14, 2010

2.      Joint Paper by Randall Price and Don Patton on NAMI fraud: Nov 20, 2010

3.      Don Patton's critique of 1st NAMI response: Dec 3, 2010

4.      Don Patton's critique of 2nd NAMI response: Dec 10, 2010

5.       Don Patton's exposes the fake wood photos: Dec 7, 2010

NAMI's fake "Noah's Ark" wood Exposed!

Dr. Patton was guided to the NAMI Ark site by the man who hauled the wood up Mt. Ararat to build it! He recognized the wood that was recovered at the 13,000 foot site and gave the piece to Dr. Patton as a sample.
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The examination of Nami's fake Noah's Ark wood recovered
By Dr. Don Patton

 By Dr. Don Patton


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